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Lose Inches, Build Schools Fitness Challenge

Who does not like doing something healthy for them self while also benefiting others?

This group is a group where we will have daily, short workouts provided by Train With Shawn. We will have a nutrition point system that will help you develop habits while leaning out and getting stronger.

We will have giveaways periodically and will throw in some random fitness challenges and nutrition challenges through out each month.

It is going to be fun and you will be making friends with people all over the country and world.

Now the good you will be doing for the kids. I will be donating half of the proceeds to a charity called Pencils of Promise. What they do is as they raise $35,000, they are able to go to a 3rd world country and build a school for the kids. Check out their website at

So come and get your sweat on, workout at the gym or home with the workouts, and help children across the world receive some knowledge and power.

It is $11.00 a month and will be going until we can raise at least $70,000 if not more because I want to build a school with this group.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

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